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The easiest way to silence your Inner Slave Driver

I would like to you meet someone who has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I thought I had lost her in Kenya last summer, but she reappeared during an intense training session. Lue lisää

Never say this to a runner

I love running, and I also love talking about running. I often go on at length if someone asks me how my training has been going or where I am planning to run my next marathon. However, there are topics that make my face twitch and the conversation come to an abrupt end. Here’s a list of ten topics to avoid if you’d like to discuss running with me or one of my kind. Lue lisää

5 mental strategies for marathons

In addition to requiring a high level of fitness, long-distance running calls for effective mind management. This is particularly true of marathons, where your body is so low on energy after a certain point that only a strong belief in your performance will take you to the finishing line. This is easier said than done, especially after the midpoint of the race. Lue lisää

Mileage doesn’t equal common sense

Running improves your learning and concentration. You get fit and lose weight, and your whole life seems to run more smoothly and effortlessly. The positives are countless; however, based on personal experience, I maintain that running can also make you stupid. Lue lisää

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